Recent Submissions

  • National Innovation Systems and Entrepreneurship 

    Higgins, Eoin; Golden, William; Lee, Soo Hee (2008-09-26)
    Porter (1990) argues that the future battles for competitiveness will not be fought just between organisations but also between nations. Looking at the nation as the unit of analysis, one way to become more competitive ...
  • Rethinking the Role of the IS Function 

    Finnegan, Pat; Golden, William (2008-09-26)
    This paper proposes that IS managers need to review what they regard as their core competencies if they are to be a valuable asset to organisations in the 1990s. The authors start by questioning whether the IS function ...
  • The Implementation Of Citizen-Centred E-government: a Stakeholder Viewpoint 

    Hughes, Martin; Scott, Murray; Golden, William (2008-09-26)
    E-Government provides unprecedented opportunities to improve citize services and achieve cost efficiencies through process change. As a resul implementation models have been developed to support the successfu attainment ...