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    • Addressing challenges and opportunities of the European seafood sector under a circular economy framework 

      Ruiz-Salmón, Israel; Margallo, María; Laso, Jara; Villanueva-Rey, Pedro; Mariño, Dolores; Quinteiro, Paula; Dias, Ana Cláudia; Nunes, Maria Leonor; Marques, António; Feijoo, Gumersindo; Moreira, María Teresa; Loubet, Philippe; Sonnemann, Guido; Morse, Andy; Cooney, Ronan; Clifford, Eoghan; Rowan, Neil; Méndez-Paz, Diego; Iglesias-Parga, Xesús; Anglada, Clémentine; Martin, Jean-Christophe; Irabien, Ángel; Aldaco, Rubén (Elsevier, 2020-02-11)
      The European seafood and aquaculture sectors are facing important challenges in terms of environmental threats (climate change, marine debris, resources depletion), social development (worker rights, consumer's awareness) ...
    • Packaging environmental impact on seafood supply chains: A review of life cycle assessment studies 

      Almeida, Cheila; Loubet, Philippe; da Costa, Tamíris Pacheco; Quinteiro, Paula; Laso, Jara; Baptista de Sousa, David; Cooney, Ronan; Sinead, Mellett; Guido, Sonnemann; José Rodríguez, Carlos; Rowan, Neil; Clifford, Eoghan; Ruiz-Salmón, Israel; Margallo, María; Aldaco, Rubén; Nunes, Maria Leonor; Dias, Ana Cláudia; Marques, António (Wiley, 2021-08-24)
      Packaging is fundamental for food preservation and transportation but generates an environmental burden from its production and end-of-life management. This review evaluates packaging contribution to the environmental ...