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    • Behaviour of tubular steel members under cyclic axial loading 

      Goggins, Jamie; Broderick, Brian Michael; Lucas, AS (2006)
      This paper examines the cyclic performance of axially-loaded tubular members used as bracing elements to provide lateral seismic resistance in steel framed structures. An experimental study into the response of members ...
    • Cyclic performance of steel and composite bracing members 

      Broderick, Brian Michael; Goggins, Jamie (2005)
      This paper describes an experimental study on the response of hollow and filled steel members to monotonic and cyclic axial loading. Monotonic tests were first performed on short specimens to establish their compressive ...
    • Investigation of the seismic performance of braced frames through both testing and analysis 

      Broderick, Brian Michael; Goggins, Jamie (2008)
      The results of shake table tests on three concentrically-braced sub-frames are compared with a series of correlative inelastic analyses. Both transient time-history and nonlinear static (pushover) analyses are considered. ...