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    • Water analytics and management with real-time linked dataspaces 

      ul Hassan, Umair; Hasan, Souleiman; Derguech, Wassim; Hannon, Louise; Clifford, Eoghan; Kouroupertroglou, Christos; Smit, Sander; Curry, Edward (Springer, 2017)
      Due to predictions of water scarcity in the future, governments and public administrations are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to improve water governance and conservation. The problem is exasperated due ...
    • Water consumption data 

      Clifford, Eoghan; Mulligan, Sean; Hannon, Louise (NUI Galway, 2017-08-16)
      7.5 minute water usage data obtained over a 6 month trial period for two Waternomics pilot sites. Relates to paper under review at the AGU Journal of Water Resources Research titled: Flow signature analysis of water ...
    • Waternomics: A cross-site data collection to support the development of a water information platform 

      O’Donovan, Peter; Coakley, Daniel; Mink, Jan; Curry, Edward; Clifford, Eoghan (Elsevier, 2015-09-01)
      In Europe, 20 to 40% of water is being wasted due to poor infrastructure, consumer negligence and lack of proper resource management. Effective and efficient management of water resources requires a holistic approach ...