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    • National strategic guide for the implementation of simulation on clinical sites 

      Byrne, Dara; O'Dowd, Emily; Lydon, Sinéad; Reid McDermot, Bronwyn; O'Connor, Paul (National University of Ireland Galway, 2021-06)
      [No abstract available]
    • Sunburn, sun safety and indoor tanning among schoolchildren in Ireland 

      Költő, András; Rodriguez, Lauren; McAvoy, Helen; Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse (Frontiers Media, 2021-05-20)
      Objectives: We present patterns of sunburn, sun safety behaviors and indoor tanning bed use in a nationally representative sample of schoolchildren aged 10–17. These behaviors were explored across gender, age, and social ...
    • Policy priorities for girls' health 

      Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse; Kelly, Colette; Gavin, Aoife (Health Promotion Research Centre, National University of Ireland Galway, 2021-04)
      [No abstract available]
    • Disclosing a diagnosis in the workplace: Perspective of people with multiple sclerosis 

      Gill, Laura; Hynes, Sinéad M. (Cambridge University Press, 2021-02-17)
      Background: Early withdrawal from the workforce is associated with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), with employment retention rates also lower than in the general population. Despite legal requirements, equality ...
    • Dating with a diagnosis: The lived experience of people with multiple sclerosis 

      Tabassum, Kinza; Fox, Jackie; Fuller, Sara; Hynes, Sinéad M. (Springer, 2021-05-26)
      Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition which usually manifests between the ages of 20 40 years. This is a critical period for developing relationships, particularly romantic relationships. People with MS can ...
    • LGBTI+ Youth in Ireland and across Europe: A two-phased landscape and research gap analysis 

      Költő, András; Vaughan, Elena; O’Sullivan, Linda; Kelly, Colette; Saewyc, Elizabeth M.; Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse (Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and NUI Galway, 2021-05-24)
      Background: Since the 1990s, there has been a growing corpus of evidence on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and other Sexual and Gender Minority (LGBTI+) youth. However, most of these studies were conducted in the ...
    • Platelet-rich clots as identified by Martius Scarlet Blue staining are isodense on NCCT 

      Fitzgerald, Seán; Wang, Shunli; Dai, Daying; Douglas, Andrew; Kadirvel, Ramanathan; Gounis, Matthew J.; Chueh, Juyu; Puri, Ajit S.; Layton, Kennith F.; Thacker, Ike C.; Hanel, Ricardo A.; Sauvageau, Eric; Aghaebrahim, Amin; Almekhlafi, Mohammed A.; Demchuk, Andrew M.; Nogueira, Raul G.; Pereira, Vitor M.; Kvamme, Peter; Kayan, Yasha; Delgado Almandoz, Josser E.; Yoo, Albert J.; Kallmes, David F.; Doyle, Karen M.; Brinjikji, Waleed (BMJ Publishing Group, 2019-04-05)
      Background Current studies on clot characterization in acute ischemic stroke focus on fibrin and red blood cell composition. Few studies have examined platelet composition in acute ischemic stroke clots. We characterize ...
    • Platelet-rich emboli in cerebral large vessel occlusion are associated with a large artery atherosclerosis source 

      Fitzgerald, Seán; Dai, Daying; Wang, Shunli; Douglas, Andrew; Kadirvel, Ramanathan; Layton, Kennith F.; Thacker, Ike C.; Gounis, Matthew J.; Chueh, Ju-Yu; Puri, Ajit S.; Almekhlafi, Mohammed; Demchuk, Andrew M.; Hanel, Ricardo A.; Sauvageau, Eric; Aghaebrahim, Amin; Yoo, Albert J.; Kvamme, Peter; Pereira, Vitor M.; Kayan, Yasha; Delgado Almandoz, Josser E.; Nogueira, Raul G.; Rabinstein, Alejandro A.; Kallmes, David F.; Doyle, Karen M.; Brinjikji, Waleed (American Heart Association, 2019-05-29)
      Background and Purpose— Nearly 30% of large vessel occlusion acute ischemic stroke clots are from an unknown source. We assessed histological clot composition in a series of patients with large vessel occlusion and ...
    • Maximizing the catheter-to-vessel size optimizes distal flow control resulting in improved revascularization in vitro for aspiration thrombectomy 

      Nogueira, Raul G.; Ryan, David; Mullins, Liam; Thornton, John; Fitzgerald, Seán (BMJ Publishing Group, 2021-03-15)
      Background Balloon guide catheters (BGCs) achieve proximal flow control during thrombectomy but antegrade intracranial flow often persists via the Circle of Willis. Closely sizing an aspiration catheter to the target vessel ...
    • Large artery atherosclerotic clots are larger than clots of other stroke etiologies and have poorer recanalization rates 

      Fitzgerald, Seán; Rossi, Rosanna; Mereuta, Oana Madalina; Molina, Sara; Okolo, Adaobi; Douglas, Andrew; Jabrah, Duaa; Pandit, Abhay; McCarthy, Ray; Gilvarry, Michael; Ceder, Erik; Dehlfors, Niclas; Dunker, Dennis; Nordanstig, Annika; Redfors, Petra; Jood, Katarina; Magoufis, Georgios; Psychogios, Klearchos; Tsivgoulis, Georgios; Alderson, Jack; O’Hare, Alan; Power, Sarah; Brennan, Paul; Nagy, András; Vadász, Ágnes; Brinjikji, Waleed; Kallmes, David; Szikora, Istvan; Tatlisumak, Turgut; Rentzos, Alexandros; Thornton, John; Doyle, Karen M. (Elsevier, 2020-11-24)
      Objectives There is a paucity of knowledge in the literature relating to the extent of clot burden and stroke etiology. In this study, we measured the Extracted Clot Area (ECA) retrieved during endovascular treatment (EVT) ...
    • Preclinical evaluation of Millipede 088 intracranial aspiration catheter in cadaver and in vitro thrombectomy models 

      Fitzgerald, Seán; Ryan, David; Thornton, John; Nogueira, Raul G. (BMJ Publishing Group, 2020-06-30)
      Background Larger bore aspiration catheters are expected to significantly improve the speed and completeness of acute stroke revascularization. Objective To evaluate the navigability and clot retrieval performance of a ...
    • Novel human acute ischemic stroke blood clot analogs for in vitro thrombectomy testing 

      Fitzgerald, Seán; Liu, Yang; Dai, Daying; Mereuta, Oana Madalina; Abbasi, Mehdi; Larco, JL Arturo; Douglas, Andrew; Kallmes, David; Savastano, Luis; Doyle, Karen M.; Brinjikji, Waleed (American Society of Neuroradiology, 2021-04-08)
      BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Previous studies have successfully created blood clot analogs for in vitro endovascular device testing using animal blood of various species. Blood components vary greatly among species; therefore, ...
    • Interventions for the management of obesity in people with bipolar disorder 

      Tully, Agnes; Murphy, Edel; Smyth, Siobhan; Conway, Yvonne; Geddes, John; Devane, Declan; Kelly, John P.; Jordan, Fionnuala (Cochrane Collaboration, 2018-04-12)
      This is a protocol for a Cochrane Review (Intervention). The objectives are as follows: To assess the effectiveness of interventions for the management of obesity in people with bipolar disorder. © 2018 The Cochrane ...
    • Transport to school and mental well-being of schoolchildren in Ireland 

      Költő, András; Gavin, Aoife; Kelly, Colette; Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse (Frontiers Media, 2021-04-09)
      Objectives: We explored whether modes of transport (cycling, walking, public transport or private vehicle) between home and school are associated with mental well-being in children aged 10 17 years, participating in the ...
    • Parental participation in primary schools: the views of parents and children 

      John-Akinola, Yetunde Olufisayo; Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse (Emerald, 2014-07-28)
      Purpose Parental participation is important for strengthening and sustaining the concept of school health promotion but little is written on the processes involved. The purpose of this paper is to assess Irish parents’ ...
    • Is school participation good for children? Associations with health and wellbeing 

      de Róiste, Aingeal; Kelly, Colette; Molcho, Michal; Gavin, Aoife; Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse (Emerald, 2012-02-17)
      Purpose There is increasing recognition of children's abilities to speak for themselves. School democracy, as demonstrated by genuine participation, has the potential to benefit both teachers and students; leading to ...
    • Taking part in school life: views of children 

      John-Akinola, Yetunde Olufisayo; Gavin, Aoife; O’Higgins, Siobhán Elizabeth; Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse (Emerald, 2014-01-01)
      Investigating active travel to primary school in Ireland Investigating active travel to primary school in Ireland Natasha Daniels (Health Promotion Research Centre, Aras na Coiribe, National University of Ireland Galway, ...
    • Investigating active travel to primary school in Ireland 

      Daniels, Natasha; Kelly, Colette; Molcho, Michal; Sixsmith, Jane; Byrne, Molly; Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse (Emerald, 2014-09-30)
      Abstract Purpose Active travel to school, by walking or cycling, can positively influence children's health and increase physical activity. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the context and promoters and barriers ...
    • Parents' support and knowledge of their daughters' lives and females' early sexual initiation In nine European countries. 

      Madkour, Aubrey Spriggs; Farha, Tilda; Farhat, Tilda; Halpern, Carolyn Tucker; Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse; Godeau, Emmanuelle (Wiley, 2012-10-08)
      CONTEXT: Associations between early sexual initiation and parental support and knowledge have not been uniformly tested in multiple European population-based samples. Understanding such associations is important in efforts ...
    • Dance Is the new metal: Adolescent music preferences and substance use across Europe 

      ter Bogt, Tom F.M.; Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse; Simons-Morton, Bruce G.; Ferreira, Mafalda; Hublet, Anne; Godeau, Emmanuelle; Kuntsche, Emmanuel; Richter, Matthias (Taylor and Francis, 2012-01-17)
      This study examined relationships between music preferences and substance use (tobacco, alcohol, cannabis) among 18,103 fifteen-year-olds from 10 European countries. In 2005–2006, across Europe, preferences for mainstream ...