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    • Influence of incubation time on antimicrobial susceptibility testing of pathogenic Vibrio anguillarum and Vibrio vulnificus isolated from fish 

      Baron, Sandrine; Ceccarelli, Daniela; Dalsgaard, Inger; Granier, Sophie A.; Haenen, Olga; Jansson, Eva; Madsen, Lone; Jouy, Eric; Kempf, Isabelle; Larvor, Emeline; Morin, Thierry; Testerink, Joop; Veldman, Kees; Mouritsen, Kári Karbech; Van Gelderen, Betty; Voorbergen-Laarman, Michal; Säker, Eva; Blomkvist, Eva; Smith, Peter (Elsevier, 2020-07-15)
      A multi-laboratory study was performed to investigate the most suitable incubation time for susceptibility tests of fish pathogens Vibrio anguillarum and Vibrio vulnificus performed at 28 degrees C. An isolate set consisting ...