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      Galindo, Pablo; Lindström, Mikael; Ryan, Ray (American Mathematical Society (AMS), 2000-01-01)
      We prove a characterization (up to the approximation property) of weakly compact composition operators C-phi:H-infinity(B-F) --> H-infinity(B-E) in terms of their inducing analytic maps phi : B-E --> B-F.
    • Differential inclusions on proximate retracts of separable hilbert spaces 

      Agarwal, Ravi P.; O'Regan, Donal (Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium, 2006-06-01)
      New existence results are presented which guarantee the existence of viable solutions to differential inclusions in separable Hilbert spaces. Our results rely on the existence of maximal solutions for an appropriate ...
    • On perturbations of accretive mappings 

      Chen, Yu Qing; Cho, Yeol Je; O’Regan, Donal (Elsevier BV, 2005-07-01)
    • Schauder bases for symmetric tensor products 

      Grecu, Bogdan C.; Ryan, Raymond A. (European Mathematical Publishing House, 2005-01-01)
      For a Banach space E with Schauder basis, we prove that the n fold symmetric tenser product (x) over cap (n)(mu,),E-s has a Schauder basis for all symmetric uniform crossnorms mu. This is done by modifying the square ...