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    • Reconstructing an ancestral mammalian immune supercomplex from a marsupial major histocompatibility complex 

      Belov, Katherine; Deakin, Janine E; Papenfuss, Anthony T; Baker, Michelle L; Melman, Sandra D; Siddle, Hannah V; Gouin, Nicolas; Goode, David L; Sargeant, Tobias J; Robinson, Mark D; Wakefield, Matthew J; Mahony, Shaun; Cross, Joseph G. R; Benos, Panayiotis V; Samollow, Paul B; Speed, Terence P; Graves, Jennifer A. Marshall; Miller, Robert D (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2006-01-31)
      The first sequenced marsupial genome promises to reveal unparalleled insights into mammalian evolution. We have used the Monodelphis domestica (gray short-tailed opossum) sequence to construct the first map of a marsupial ...