Recent Submissions

  • Bridging the osteochondral gap in mandibular condyle reconstruction with multiphasic 3D printing 

    Salash, J.R.; Lohfeld, Stefan; Detamore, M.S. (Mary Ann Liebert, 2015-09)
    Individuals afflicted with temporomandibular joint disorders experience a reduced ability to perform the most basic human functions such as chewing and talking. In advanced disease states, total joint replacement is often ...
  • 3D Printing of Microspheres for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds 

    Lohfeld, Stefan; Salash, J. R.; McHugh, Peter E.; Detamore, M.S. (Mary Ann Liebert, 2015-09)
    Microspheres have tremendous potential as a scaffold material for tissue engineering applications due to their capability of encapsulation and controlled release of factors that assist tissue regeneration in the desired ...