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    • Rational Generalised Moonshine from Abelian Orbifoldings of the Moonshine Module 

      Ivanov, Rossen I.; Tuite, Michael P. (2001)
      We consider orbifoldings of the Moonshine Module with respect to the abelian group generated by a pair of commuting Monster group elements with one of prime order $p=2,3,5,7$ and the other of order $pk$ for $k=1$ or $k$ ...
    • Some Irrational Generalised Moonshine from Orbifolds 

      Ivanov, Rossen I.; Tuite, Michael P. (2002)
      We verify the Generalised Moonshine conjectures for some irrational modular functions for the Monster centralisers related to the Harada-Norton, Held, $M_{12}$ and $L_3(3)$ simple groups based on certain orbifolding ...