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    • The mod 2 cohomology rings of SL2 of the imaginary quadratic integers 

      Rahm, Alexander D. (Elsevier ScienceDirect, 2015-09-28)
      We establish general dimension formulae for the second page of the equivariant spectral sequence of the action of the SL2 groups over imaginary quadratic integers on their associated symmetric space. By way of doing this, ...
    • Modified multiplicative decomposition model for tissue growth: Beyond the initial stress-free state 

      Du, Yangkun; Lü, Chaofeng; Chen, Weiqiu; Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2018-05-19)
      The multiplicative decomposition model is widely employed for predicting residual stresses and morphologies of biological tissues due to growth. However, it relies on the assumption that the tissue is initially in a ...
    • Monstrous and Generalized Moonshine and Permutation Orbifolds 

      Tuite, Michael P. (2008)
      We consider the application of permutation orbifold constructions towards a new possible understanding of the genus zero property in Monstrous and Generalized Moonshine. We describe a theory of twisted Hecke operators in ...
    • Multi-sector approximation method for arteries: the residual stresses of circumferential rings with non-trivial openings 

      Sigaeva, Taisiya; Destrade, Michel; Di Martino, Elena S. (The Royal Society, 2019-07-24)
      The opening angle method is a popular choice in biomechanics to estimate residual stresses in arteries. Experimentally, it means that an artery is cut into rings; then the rings are cut axially or radially allowing them ...
    • Multiples of Pfister forms 

      O'Shea, James (Elsevier, 2016-03-01)
      The isotropy of multiples of Pfister forms is studied. Some classical results are recalled and their consequences presented, with certain of these statements being previously known but hitherto unpublished. In particular, ...
    • N=2 and N=4 subalgebras of super vertex operator algebras 

      Tuite, Michael P.; Mason, Geoffrey; Yamskulna, Gaywalee (IOP Publishing, 2018-01-10)
      We develop criteria to decide if an N=2 or N=4 super conformal algebra is a subalgebra of a super vertex operator algebra in general, and of a super lattice theory in particular. We give some specific examples.
    • Non-invasive evaluation of skin tension lines with elastic waves 

      Deroy, Claire; Destrade, Michel; Mc Alinden, Aidan; Ní Annaidh, Aisling (Wiley, 2017-11-20)
      Background: Since their discovery by Karl Langer in the 19th Century, Skin Tension Lines (STLs) have been used by surgeons to decide the location and orientation of an incision. Although these lines are patient-specific, ...
    • Non-principal surface waves in deformed incompressible materials 

      Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2005)
      The Stroh formalism is applied to the analysis of infinitesimal surface wave propagation in a statically, finitely and homogeneously deformed isotropic half-space. The free surface is assumed to coincide with one of the ...
    • Nonlinear Euler buckling 

      Goriely, Alain; Vandiver, Rebecca; Destrade, Michel (Royal Society Publishing, 2008-11)
      The buckling of hyperelastic incompressible cylindrical tubes of arbitrary length and thickness under compressive axial load is considered within the framework of nonlinear elasticity. Analytical and numerical methods for ...
    • Nonlinear response and axisymmetric wave propagation in functionally graded soft electro-active tubes 

      Wu, Bin; Destrade, Michel; Chen, Weiqiu (Elsevier, 2020-10-02)
      Soft electro-active (SEA) materials can be designed and manufactured with gradients in their material properties, to modify and potentially improve their mechanical response in service. Here, we investigate the nonlinear ...
    • Nonlinear transverse waves in deformed dispersive solids 

      Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2008)
      We present a phenomenological approach to dispersion in nonlinear elasticity. A simple, thermomechanically sound, constitutive model is proposed to describe the (non-dissipative) properties of a hyperelastic dispersive ...
    • A note on element centralizers in finite Coxeter groups 

      Konvalinka, Matjaž; Pfeiffer, Götz; Röver, Claas E. (De Gruyter, 2011-08-29)
      The normalizer N-W(W-J) of a standard parabolic subgroup W-J of a finite Coxeter group W splits over the parabolic subgroup with complement N-J consisting of certain minimal length coset representatives of W-J in W. In ...
    • Oblique wrinkles 

      Carfagna, M.; Destrade, Michel; Gower, Artur L.; Grillo, A. (The Royal Society Publishing, 2017-04-03)
      We prove theoretically that when a soft solid is subjected to an extreme deformation, wrinkles can form on its surface at an angle that is oblique to a principal direction of stretch. These oblique wrinkles occur for a ...
    • On a question of Serre 

      Rahm, Alexander D. (2012)
      Consider an imaginary quadratic number field Q(root -m), with m a square-free positive integer, and its ring of integers {O} . The Bianchi groups are the groups SL2{O}. Further consider the Borel-Serre compactification [7] ...
    • On anisotropic elasticity and questions concerning its Finite Element implementation 

      Vergori, Luigi; Destrade, Michel; McGarry, Patrick; Ogden, Ray W. (Springer, 2013-05-21)
      We give conditions on the strain-energy function of nonlinear anisotropic hyperelastic materials that ensure compatibility with the classical linear theories of anisotropic elasticity. We uncover the limitations associated ...
    • On deforming a sector of a circular cylindrical tube into an intact tube: Existence, uniqueness, and stability 

      Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2010-11)
      Within the context of finite deformation elasticity theory the problem of deforming an open sector of a thick-walled circular cylindrical tube into a complete circular cylindrical tube is analyzed. The analysis provides a ...
    • On Genus Two Riemann Surfaces Formed from Sewn Tori 

      Mason, Geoffrey; Tuite, Michael P. (2006)
      We describe the period matrix and other data on a higher genus Riemann surface in terms of data coming from lower genus surfaces via an explicit sewing procedure. We consider in detail the construction of a genus two Riemann ...
    • On Level One Cuspidal Bianchi Modular Forms 

      Rahm, Alexander D. (2013)
      In this paper, we present the outcome of vast computer calculations, locating several of the very rare instances of level one cuspidal Bianchi modular forms that are not lifts of elliptic modular forms.
    • On magneto-acoustic waves in finitely deformed elastic solids 

      Destrade, Michel (SAGE Journals, 2011)
      In this paper, in the context of the quasi-magnetostatic approximation, we examine incremental motions superimposed on a static finite deformation of a magneto-elastic material in the presence of an applied magnetic field. ...
    • On reflection subgroups of finite Coxeter groups 

      Douglass, J. Matthew; Pfeiffer, Götz; Röhrle, Gerhard (Taylor & Francis, 2013-06-14)
      Let W be a finite Coxeter group. We classify the reflection subgroups of W up to conjugacy and give necessary and sufficient conditions for the map that assigns to a reflection subgroup R of W the conjugacy class of its ...