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  • Understanding Contributor to Developer Turnover Patterns in OSS Projects: A Case Study of Apache Projects 

    Iqbal, Aftab (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2014-01-19)
    OSS projects are dynamic in nature. Developers contribute to a project for a certain period of time and later leave the project or join other projects of high interest. Hence, the OSS community always welcomes members who ...
  • Where to search top-K biomedical ontologies? 

    Oliveira, Daniela; Butt, Anila Sahar; Haller, Armin; Rebholz-Schuhmann, Dietrich; Sahay, Ratnesh (Oxford University Press, 2018-03-20)
    Motivation Searching for precise terms and terminological definitions in the biomedical data space is problematic, as researchers find overlapping, closely related and even equivalent concepts in a single or multiple ...