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  • XPLODIV: An exploitation-exploration aware diversification approach for Recommender Systems 

    Barraza-Urbina, Andrea; Heitmann, Benjamin; Hayes, Conor; Carrillo-Ramos, Angela (AAAI Press, 2015-07)
    Recommender Systems (RS) have emerged to guide users in the task of efficiently browsing/exploring a large product space, helping users to quickly identify interesting products. However, suggestions generated with traditional ...
  • XSPARQL-Viz: A Mashup-Based Visual Query Editor for XSPARQL 

    Gillani, Syed Zeeshan Haider; Ali, Muhammad Intizar; Mileo, Alessandra (Springer, 2013)
    XSPARQL is a query language which facilitates query, integration and transformation between XML and RDF data formats. Although XSPARQL supports semantic data integration by providing uniform access over XML and RDF, but ...