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    • Multilingual multimodal machine translation for Dravidian languages utilizing phonetic transcription 

      Chakravarthi, Bharathi Raja; Priyadharshini, Ruba; Stearns, Bernardo; Jayapal, Arun; Sridevy, S.; Arcan, Mihael; Zarrouk, Manel; McCrae, John P. (European Association for Machine Translation, 2019-08-19)
      Multimodal machine translation is the task of translating from a source text into the target language using information from other modalities. Existing multimodal datasets have been restricted to only highly resourced ...
    • Neural machine translation of literary texts from English to Slovene 

      Kuzman, Taja; Vintar, Špela; Arčan, Mihael (Machine Translation Summit 2019, 2019-08-19)
      Neural Machine Translation has shown promising performance in literary texts. Since literary machine translation has not yet been researched for the English-toSlovene translation direction, this paper aims to fulfill ...