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    • DING! Dataset Ranking using Formal Descriptions 

      Toupikov, Nickolai; Umbrich, Jürgen; Delbru, Renaud; Hausenblas, Michael; Tummarello, Giovanni (2009)
      Considering that thousands if not millions of linked datasets will be published soon, we motivate in this paper the need for an efficient and effective way to rank interlinked datasets based on formal descriptions of their ...
    • A lookup index for Semantic Web resources 

      Oren, Eyal; Tummarello, Giovanni (2007)
      Developers of Semantic Web applications face a challenge with respect to the decentralised publication model: where to find statements about encountered resources. The ¿linked data¿ approach, which mandates that resource ...
    • Who the FOAF knows Alice? A needed step towards Semantic Web Pipes 

      Polleres, Axel; Tummarello, Giovanni (2007)
      In this paper we take a view from the bottom to RDF(S) reasoning. We discuss some issues and requirements on reasoning towards effectively building SemanticWeb Pipes, aggregating RDF data from various distributed sources. ...