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    • LD2SD: Linked Data Driven Software Development 

      Iqbal, Aftab; Ureche, Oana-Elena; Hausenblas, Michael; Tummarello, Giovanni (2009)
      In this paper we introduce Linked Data Driven Software Development (LD2SD), a light-weight Semantic Web methodology to turn software artefacts such as data from version control systems, bug tracking tools and source code ...
    • SCOVO: Using Statistics on the Web of Data 

      Hausenblas, Michael (2009)
      Statistical data is present everywhere from governmental bodies to economics, from life-science to industry. With the rise of the Web of Data, the need for sharing, accessing, and using this data has entered a new stage. ...
    • Understanding Linked Open Data as a Web-Scale Database 

      Hausenblas, Michael; Karnstedt, Marcel (2010)
      While Linked Open Data (LOD) has gained much attention in the recent years, requirements and the challenges concerning its usage from a database perspective are lacking. We argue that such a perspective is crucial for ...