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    • Beyond the green: understanding the evolutionary puzzle of plant and algal cell walls 

      Popper, Zoë A.; Tuohy, Maria G. (American Society of Plant Biologists, 2010-04-26)
      Niklas (2000) defined plants as “photosynthetic eukaryotes,” thereby including brown, red, and green macroalgae and microalgae. These groups share several features, including the presence of a complex, dynamic, and ...
    • Evolution and diversity of plant cell walls: from algae to flowering plants 

      Popper, Zoë A.; Gurvan, Michel; Hervé, Cécile; Domozych, David S.; Willats, William G.T.; Tuohy, Maria G.; Kloareg, Bernard; Stengel, Dagmar B. (Annual Reviews, 2011-02-22)
      All photosynthetic multicellular Eukaryotes, including land plants and algae, have cells that are surrounded by a dynamic, complex, carbohydrate-rich cell wall. The cell wall exerts considerable biological and biomechanical ...