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  • Biometric technology and smartphones: a consideration of the practicalities of a broad adoption of biometrics and the likely impacts 

    Corcoran, Peter; Costache, Claudia (IEEE, 2016-04)
    The Widespread Global Adoption of Smartphones across all demographics and the rapid commoditization of the technology to the point at which an entry-level device can be sold profitably for less than US$100 suggest that we ...
  • Smartphones, biometrics, and a brave new world 

    Corcoran, Peter; Costache, Claudia (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016-09-09)
    In this article, we take a somewhat contrarian viewpoint - that biometrics may, in fact, offer solutions to many of today's cyber-security problems that appear with increasing frequency in prime-time news. This outcome ...
  • Unconstrained palmprint as a smartphone biometric 

    Ungureanu, Adrian-Stefan; Thavalengal, Shejin; Cognard, Timothée E.; Costache, Claudia; Corcoran, Peter (IEEE, 2017-11-13)
    In this work the use of palmprints as an alternative biometric for smartphones is investigated and its feasibility is evaluated across multiple devices using unconstrained acquisition. A novel multi-device database that ...