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  • Enterprise personal analytics: The next frontier in individual information systems research 

    Clohessy, Trevor; Acton, Thomas; Whelan, Eoin; Golden, Willie (now publishers, 2018-07-12)
    Modern enterprise technological landscapes are being impacted by the increasing individuation of information systems (IS). Consequently, the end-user computing phenomenon is being extended to incorporate a multitude of ...
  • Expanding the horizons of digital social networks: Mixing big trace datasets with qualitative approaches 

    Whelan, Eoin; Teigland, Robin; Vaast, Emmanuelle; Butler, Brian (Elsevier, 2016-03-31)
    The study of social networks has attracted much interest from the IS community in recent years, driven mainly by the accessibility of trace data that remain as a by-product of interactions conducted through technology-enabled ...
  • The real story behind big data 

    Conboy, Kieran; Whelan, Eoin; Morris, Seán (Ivey Business School, 2017-12)
    Thanks to the promise of business analytics, seeing data as the new oil is all the rage these days, which is why something like 85 per cent of Fortune 500 companies are investing in big data initiatives. As The Economist ...