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    • An Analysis of Model-Driven Web Engineering Methodologies 

      Lang, Michael (2012)
      In the late 1990's there was substantial activity within the 'Web engineering' research community and a multitude of new Web approaches were proposed. However, numerous studies have revealed major gaps in these approaches, ...
    • The Impact of Agile Practices on Trust in Software Project Teams 

      McHugh, Orla; Conboy, Kieran; Lang, Michael (IEEE, 2012)
      Agile software development involves self-managing teams that are empowered and responsible for meeting project goals in whatever way they deem suitable. Managers must place more trust in such teams than they do in teams ...
    • Using Agile Practices to Influence Motivation within IT Project Teams 

      McHugh, Orla; Conboy, Kieran; Lang, Michael (2011)
      This exploratory study of IT project teams in Sweden and Ireland investigates how three agile practices, namely daily stand-ups, iteration planning and iteration retrospectives, contribute to motivation or de-motivation ...