The National University of Ireland, Galway launched a major project in 2001, entitled the Community Knowledge Initiative, which set out to underpin and realise a civic mission as part of its core activities. The Community Knowledge Initiative's (CKI) activities were viewed as 'integral to the University's strategic mission and involved a fundamental examination of the role of the University in the social fabric' and were subsequently reflected as a core priority by NUI Galway's Academic and Strategic Plans. The CKI aims to promote greater civic engagement through core academic activities, namely teaching, research and service at the levels of students, staff, courses, programmes and the institution as a whole. Up to 2005, the implementation phase, the CKI was supported by the CKI Policy and Executive Boards, which then amalgamated into one CKI Board. The project is guided by an International Advisory Group, whose experience encompasses North America, Southern Africa, and Europe.

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