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    • Weaving SIOC into the Web of Linked Data 

      Bojars, Uldis; Passant, Alexandre; Cyganiak, Richard; Breslin, John (2008)
      Social media sites can act as a rich source of large amounts of data by letting anyone easily create content on the Web. The SIOC ontology and tools developed for it allow us to express this information as interlinked RDF ...
    • Weaving the Pedantic Web 

      Hogan, Aidan; Harth, Andreas; Passant, Alexandre; Decker, Stefan; Polleres, Axel (CEUR, 2010)
      Over a decade after RDF has been published as a W3C recommendation, publishing open and machine-readable content on the Web has recently received a lot more attention, including from corporate and governmental bodies; ...
    • Web of Data Plumbing - Lowering the Barriers to Entry 

      Umbrich, Jürgen; Hastrup, Tuukka; Hausenblas, Michael (2009)
      Publishing and consuming content on the Web of Data often requires considerable expertise in the underlying technologies, as the expected services to achieve this are either not packaged in a simple and accessible manner, ...
    • Web Reservation International 

      Cunningham, James; Golden, William (2005)
      The case describes the market growth of Web Reservation International an Irish SME company, which is a market leader in the Budget, Independent and Youth Travel (BIYT) market through its online reservation system. The ...
    • Web Service Capabilities and Constraints in WSMO 

      Bussler, Christoph; Polleres, Axel; Zaremba, Michal (2004)
      This paper summarizes the necessities on the semantic modeling of Web Service constraints and capabilities from the viewpoint of the Web Service Modeling Ontology(WSMO) working group. We will give a short motivating use ...
    • Web Services: Quo Vadis? 

      Bussler, Christoph; Fensel, Dieter (2003)
    • Well into Older Age Age & Opportunity and the Evidence: what research says about the value of promoting participation of older people 

      Ní Léime, Áine; O'Shea, Eamon (Age & Opportunity., 2010-12)
      The overall objective of this report is to examine the work of Age & Opportunity within an international context, and to explore its various impacts on age and ageing in Ireland today. The work of Age & Opportunity is ...
    • 'Well into Older Age' report published to mark 21 years of Age & Opportunity 

      Ní Leime, Aine; O'Shea, Eamon (Irish Centre for Social Gerontology National University of Ireland, Galway, 2010)
    • What is the future for marine protected areas in Irish waters? 

      Johnson, Mark P. (Royal Irish Academy, 2008)
      The UK and Ireland, in common with most other European states, are in the middle of a period of rapid expansion in the number of marine protected areas (generally as Special Areas of Conservation, SACs, to meet the EU ...
    • What is wrong with Web services Discovery? 

      Fensel, Dieter; Keller, Uwe; Polleres, Axel (2005)
      Various proposals for automating the discovery of Web services are available. Most of them regard the terms service and Web service as synonymous. We believe these two terms are not equivalent and it is relevant to ...
    • What just happened? A Framework for Social Event Detection and Contextualisation 

      Khare, Prashant; Torres, Pablo; Heravi, Bahareh Rahmanzadeh (2014-10-21)
      In course of a breaking news event, such as natural calamity, political uproar etc., a massive crowd sourced data is generated over social media which makes social media platforms an important source of information in ...
    • What role does rural place play in the lives of mid-life women in Sweden and Ireland? 

      Herbert, Alison (MDPI, 2020-11-06)
      Rural place is a significant influencer of the ageing and states of well-being experienced by older women. This paper extends existing knowledge on gendered rural place by examining its influence on mid-life (45–65 years) ...
    • What should an ASP solver output? A multiple position paper 

      Polleres, Axel (May, 2007)
      This position paper raises some issues regarding the output of solvers for Answer Set Programming and discusses experiences made in several different settings. The first set of issues was raised in the context of the ...
    • What Works in Family Support? 

      Gillen, Aisling; Landy, Fergal; Devaney, Carmel; Canavan, John (Child and Family Agency., 2013)
      [no abstract available]
    • What's technology got to do With IT? A Dephi study on collaborative learning in distance educatio 

      O'Neill, Susan; Scott, Murray; Conboy, Kieran (London School of Economics, 2009)
      Collaborative Learning (CL) is increasingly being used in Distance Education (DE), as it has been identified as an effective solution to known weaknesses such as high average rates of dropout and low quality of learning ...
    • Where agile research goes: starting from a 7-year retrospective (report on agile research workshop at XP2009) 

      Wang, Xiaofeng; Lane, Michael; Conboy, Kieran; Pikkarainen, Minna (2009)
      This report summarizes the key findings from a workshop at the 10th International Conference on Agile Processes and eXtreme Programming in Software Engineering (XP2009) called "Agile Research" A 7-Year Retrospective", ...
    • Where is the News Breaking? Towards a Location-based Event Detection Framework for Journalists 

      Khare, Prashant; Heravi, Bahareh Rahmanzadeh (Springer, 2014)
       The rise of user-generated content (UCG) as a source of information in the journalistic lifecycle is driving the need for automated methods to detect, filter, contextualise and verify citizen reports of breaking news ...
    • Where to search top-K biomedical ontologies? 

      Oliveira, Daniela; Butt, Anila Sahar; Haller, Armin; Rebholz-Schuhmann, Dietrich; Sahay, Ratnesh (Oxford University Press, 2018-03-20)
      Motivation Searching for precise terms and terminological definitions in the biomedical data space is problematic, as researchers find overlapping, closely related and even equivalent concepts in a single or multiple ...
    • Whitaker Institute Policy Brief 

      Raghavendra, Srinivas (2012)
      With the growing discontent to the Austerity policies in Europe, there is also a growing demand for seeking alternative policies for solving the crisis. The alternative policies would only come about by recognizing the ...
    • Who the FOAF knows Alice? A needed step towards Semantic Web Pipes 

      Polleres, Axel; Tummarello, Giovanni (2007)
      In this paper we take a view from the bottom to RDF(S) reasoning. We discuss some issues and requirements on reasoning towards effectively building SemanticWeb Pipes, aggregating RDF data from various distributed sources. ...