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    • Gender gaps and reentry into entrepreneurial ecosystems after business failure 

      Simmons, Sharon A.; Wiklund, Johan; Levie, Jonathan; Bradley, Steve W.; Sunny, Sanwar A. (Springer Verlag, 2018-02-09)
      Despite the significant role played by serial entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process, we know little about group differences in reentry decisions after business failure. Using an ecosystems framework and stigma theory, ...
    • Global human resource development: landscaping the anatomy of an evolving field 

      Garavan, Thomas N.; McCarthy, Alma; Morley, Michael J. (Routledge, 2016)
      [No abstract available]
    • Governance and Institutional Change in Ireland 

      Hilliard, Rachel; Green, Roy (OECD, 2005)
      An innovation driven policy agenda has emerged in Ireland against a backdrop of remarkable economic growth and convergence. Policy makers now recognise that convergence in innovative performance will also be required ...
    • How to whistle-blow: Dissensus and demand 

      Kenny, Kate; Bushnell, Alexis (Springer, 2020-01-22)
      What makes an external whistleblower effective? Whistleblowers represent an important conduit for dissensus, providing valuable information about ethical breaches and organizational wrongdoing. They often speak out about ...
    • Human resource development in Ireland and the UK 

      McCarthy, Alma (Routledge, 2016)
      [No abstract available]
    • The ideology of union busting 

      Dundon, Tony; Cullinane, Niall; Harney, Brian (International Union Rights Journal, 2006)
      Many of the worlds largest multinationals, both American and non-American owned companies are avowedly anti-union. The likes of Walmart, Amazon, McDonalds or Disney do not oppose union representation just for pragmatic or ...
    • The impact of DC (defined contribution) scheme structure and communication policies: a bounded rationality framework 

      Maloney, Maureen (2015-09-11)
      Concepts from bounded rationality, particularly biases, are frequently used to explain the successes and the failures of pension scheme defaults. This research suggests that pension literature has focused on pension ...
    • Increasing pension participation rates through automatic enrolment: a critique of firm size 

      Maloney, Maureen; McCarthy, Alma (2016-09-01)
      This paper focuses on the question: “Will automatic enrolment (AE) legislation impact on the participation rates for small firms?” We develop a model to explain why large organisations are more likely to offer pensions ...
    • Information but not consultation: exploring employee involvement in SMEs 

      Wilkinson, Adrian; Dundon, Tony; Grugulis, Irena (International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2007)
      Most research on employee involvement (EI) has focused on large or ¿mainstream¿ organizations. By adopting those schemes which 'appear' to work well in larger organizations, smaller firms assume there will be enhanced ...
    • Interviewing Reluctant Respondents: Strikes, Henchmen and Gaelic Games 

      Dundon, Tony; Ryan, Paul (Organizational Research Methods, 2010)
      This paper deals with interviewing reluctant respondents. The analysis is used to construct a process oriented model of respondent rapport and empathy. By assessing respondent rapport in a reflective way the paper contributes ...
    • Irony as discipline: Self-help and gender in the knowledge economy 

      Kenny, Kate; Bell, Emma (Oxford University Press, 2014-06-25)
      In this article, we explore the role of self-help literature within the knowledge economy. We point to the recent growth of ironic humour within such texts, and examine how this operates to construct gendered and embodied ...
    • Looking out of the black-hole: non-union relations in an SME 

      Dundon, Tony; Grugulis, Irena; Wilkinson, Adrian (Employee Relations Journal, 1999)
      Using a single case study approach this paper provides empirical evidence about managerial practices in a small, non-unionised firm which represents many of the features characteristic of the black-hole of no unions and ...
    • Lotus Automation 

      Cunningham, James (Blackhall Press, 2009)
      A few days back from a trip to China, Fergal Broder is driving into the offices of LotusAutomation in Sligo for a meeting with his Chief Financial Officer and other members of his management team. He is looking forward to ...
    • LotusWorks 

      Cunningham, James; Hilliard, Rachel (Orpen Press, 2010)
      Key issues facing LotusWorks are how to double turnover within four years, increase the company's global impact and ensure that the appropriate management structures and employee talents are in place for LotusWorks to ...
    • The management of voice in non-union organisations: managers perspectives 

      Dundon, Tony; Wilkinson, Adrian; Marchington, Mick; Ackers, Peter (Employee Relations, 2005)
      Purpose: Given the emergence of new legal initiatives for union recognition, declining levels of union membership and the growth of alternative forms of employee representation, this paper aims to examine the management ...
    • Market-driven entrepreneurship and institutions 

      Ali, Abdul; Kelley, Donna J.; Levie, Jonathan (Elsevier, 2019-03-21)
      This research seeks to explain how particular conditions in the external environment are associated with market-driven entrepreneurship—more specifically, startup or early-stage business activity that addresses opportunities ...
    • The meanings and purpose of employee voice 

      Dundon, Tony; Wilkinson, Adrian; Marchington, Mick; Ackers, Peter (International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2004)
      In this paper we present and assess an analytical framework for examining the different 'meanings, purposes and practices' of employee voice. The data were collected from eighteen organizations in England, Scotland and ...
    • Multinational corporations and industrial relations research: A road less travelled 

      Collings, David G. (Wiley, 2008)
      While there is a large body of academic debate surrounding human resource management issues in MNCs, industrial relations issues often fail to receive the same degree of attention. This paper attempts to move the debate ...
    • Non-union employee representation, union avoidance and the managerial agenda 

      Donaghey, Jimmy; Cullinane, Niall; Dundon, Tony; Dobbins, Tony (2011)
      Non-union employee representation is an area which has attracted much interest in the voice literature. Much of the literature has been shaped by a dialogue which considers NERs as a means of union avoidance. More recently ...