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    • Fortification in the North (1200 -1600) 

      O'Conor, Kieran (Aarhus University Press, 2011-11)
      This paper looks at different types of fortification used across north-west Europe between the twelfth and early seventeenth centuries. These incude castles, town walls, artillery fortifications, linear fortifications, ...
    • Pre-Norman fortification in eleventh and twelfth-century Ireland 

      O'Conor, Kieran; Naessens, Paul (Publications du CRAHM, Château Gaillard, Université de Caen, 2012)
      This paper examines the evolution of fortification in Connacht during the 11th and 12th centuries, prior to the arrival of theAnglo-Normans to Ireland in 1169. Our main argument is that Irish fortresses of the period, while ...
    • Rindoon Castle, Co. Roscommon: a border castle on the Irish frontier. 

      O'Conor, Kieran; Naessens, Paul; Sherlock, Rory (Publications du CRAHAM, Château Gaillard, Université de Caen., 2014)
      Rindoon Castle controlled and dominated one of the best harbours along the Shannon. It was argued that a pre-Norman promontory fort never existed at Rindoon. Instead, it is suggested that these earthworks represent the ...