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    • A novel hybrid filter for the treatment of septic tank effluent. 

      Rodgers, Michael; Healy, Mark G.; Prendergast, John (ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, 2006-06-01)
      Intermittent sand filtration is a common and effective method for treating septic tank effluent. However, if the loading rate is too high, clogging and ponding of the sand filter surface layer can occur due to the accumulation ...
    • Treatment of dairy wastewater using constructed wetlands and intermittent sand filters 

      Healy, Mark G.; Rodgers, Michael; Mulqueen, John (Bioresource Technology, 2007-06-01)
      In Ireland, the most common method of disposal of dairy parlour washings is by land spreading. This treatment method has numerous problems, namely high labour requirements and the potential for eutrophication of surface ...