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    • Brace response and assessment: computation, experiments and design (BRACED) 

      Goggins, Jamie (Seismic engineering research infrastructures for European synergies (SERIES) , Project No.: 227887, 2013)
      The BRACED project investigated the ultimate behaviour of concentrically braced frames(CBFs). The research programme was designed to validate empirical models for theductility capacity of hollow section bracing members and ...
    • Empowering learners with self-selecting learning tools 

      Dempsey, Mary; Brennan, Attracta (International Academy of Technology, Education and Development (IATED), 2018-03-05)
      Students need to be encouraged while in the liminal space i.e. the learning journey in the process of mastering a threshold concept (Land et al, 2014) (Meyer & Land, 2003). However, this learning journey can either be a ...