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    • Just another year in the consumer electronics industry? [notes from the editor] 

      Corcoran, Peter (IEEE, 2016-01-01)
      Welcome to another CES show issue of IEEE Conumer Electronics Magazine. This issue is aligned with the International CES held in Las Vegas, a global meeting for the consumer electronics (CE) industry where you can view the ...
    • Key challenges for inter and intra enterprise knowledge transfer 

      Cormican, Kathryn (2004)
      Knowledge is a key resource that must be managed if improvement efforts are to succeed and businesses are to remain competitive in global markets. In recent years, researchers, consultants and practitioners have developed ...
    • The KEYSTONE IC1302 COST Action 

      Guerra, Francesco; Velegrakis, Yannis; Cardoso, Jorge; Breslin, John G. (Springer International Publishing, 2018)
      As more and more data becomes available on the Web, as its complexity increases and as the Web’s user base shifts towards a more general non-technical population, keyword searching is becoming a valuable alternative to ...
    • Kickstarting Collaboration [Notes from the Editor] 

      Corcoran, Peter (IEEE, 2014-07)
      [no abstract available]
    • Knowledge Management Practices in Service SMEs 

      Cormican, Kathryn (2012-01)
      Knowledge management is a critical component of competitive success in service organizations. Knowledge management centers on creating new knowledge and utilizing existing knowledge. While utilizing existing knowledge ...
    • Knowledge sharing in a collaborative networked environment 

      Cormican, Kathryn (2007)
      Knowledge is a key resource that must be managed within organisations and across collaborative enterprise networks. In particular, the two major challenges that face such organisations are; ensuring that they have the ...
    • Knowledge sharing in manufacturing SMEs 

      Cormican, Kathryn (2007)
      This paper reports on a study of European manufacturing SMEs in the metallurgical sector. The goal of the research is to ascertain the extent and nature of knowledge sharing that takes place within these organisations; the ...
    • Knowledge sharing in manufacturing SMEs: survey findings and analysis 

      Cormican, Kathryn; Van Leeuwen, Manon (IOS Press, 2006)
      This paper reports on it study of European manufacturing SMEs in the metallurgical sector. The goal of the research is to ascertain the extent and nature of knowledge sharing that takes place within these organisations; ...
    • Laboratory foundation model with pyrite-bearing mudstone fill 

      McKeon, Éanna P.; O'Connell, Aidan M.; McCabe, Bryan A. (Thomas Telford (ICE Publishing), 2017-11-29)
      Damage to domestic dwellings in the greater Dublin area of Ireland engendered by the expansion of the underfloor fill material containing pyrite has become a high-profile national problem in recent years. In this paper, a ...
    • Laboratory Push-In Resistance Tests (PIRT) in a cement-stabilised pseudo-fibrous peat 

      Ó Conchubhair, Iarfhlaith; McCabe, Bryan A.; Timoney, Martin J. (Civil Engineering Research in Ireland CERI, 2018-08-29)
      Deep dry soil mixing (DDSM) is a form of ground improvement in which dry binders are injected and mixed in situ, forming individual columns, rows or interlocking panels, thereby improving the geotechnical characteristics ...
    • A laboratory study of the expansion of an Irish pyritic mudstone/siltstone fill material 

      Sutton, David; McCabe, Bryan A.; O'Connell, Aidan; Cripps, John C. (Elsevier, 2012-11-07)
      Extensive damage to dwellings in the east of Ireland, arising from the expansive pyritic fill material used beneath the floor slabs, prompted the laboratory study presented in this paper to quantify the expansion and study ...
    • A learning architecture for scheduling workflow applications in the cloud 

      Barrett, Enda; Howley, Enda; Duggan, Jim (IEEE, 2011-09-15)
      The scheduling of workflow applications involves the mapping of individual workflow tasks to computational resources, based on a range of functional and non-functional quality of service requirements. Workflow applications ...
    • Lego® Serious Play® as a Business Innovation enabler 

      Tawalbeh, Mandy; Riedel, Ralph; Dempsey, Mary; Emanuel, Carlo (NUI Galway, 2018-11-14)
      Improvements in innovation and quality processes can be achieved through the use of novel approaches such as LSP, which enables abstract thinking and advocates an open-mind for unconventional solutions. Within the scope ...
    • Leveraging social media and IoT to bootstrap smart environments 

      Crowley, David N.; Curry, Edward; Breslin, John G. (Springer International Publishing, 2014-03-12)
      As we move towards an era of Smart Environments, mixed technological and social solutions must be examined to continue to allow users some control over their environment. Realisations of Smart Environments such as Smart ...
    • A Lexicon of Patent Jargon [IP Corner] 

      Corcoran, Peter (2014)
      Often when I am doing work related to patents and IP, I find myself talking a different language. It is a strange legal dialect that patent lawyers have developed over many years. Now while its original purpose was ...
    • Lifecycle environmental and economic performance of nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB) in Ireland 

      Goggins, Jamie; Moran, Paul; Armstrong, Alan; Hajdukiewicz, Magdalena (Elsevier, 2016-01-16)
      Directives in the European Union are ensuring that buildings in this region are moving towards nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB). For countries like Ireland, which has a temperate oceanic climate, a key to achieving NZEB ...
    • Linear irregular wave generation in a numerical wave tank 

      Finnegan, William; Goggins, Jamie (Elsevier, 2015-07-09)
      In the design of any floating or fixed marine structure, it is vital to test models in order to understand the fluid/structure interaction involved. A relatively inexpensive method, compared to physical model testing, of ...
    • The link between off campus work for students, reduced academic performance and increased mental health issues 

      Brennan, A.; Dempsey, Mary; O'Dea, M. (International Academy of Technology, Education and Development (IATED), 2018-03-05)
      Despite the Free Fees Initiative (introduced in 1996) Irish students pay an annual registration fee of 3,000 (Cassells, 2016). This, in combination with rising accommodation and living costs, means that the annual cost ...
    • Linked Water Data for Water Information Management 

      Curry, Edward; Degeler, Viktoriya; Clifford, Eoghan; Coakley, Daniel (2014)
      [no abstract available]
    • Liquid phase optimisation in a horizontal flow biofilm reactor (HFBR) technology for the removal of methane at low temperatures 

      Kennelly, Colm; Gerrity, Seán; Collins, Gavin; Clifford, Eoghan (Elsevier, 2014-01-03)
      Methane (CH4) is a potent greenhouse gas often emitted in low concentrations from waste sector activities. Biological oxidation techniques have the potential to offer effective methods for the remediation of such emissions. ...