Recent Submissions

  • Saving lives and saving the planet: The readiness of Ireland's healthcare manufacturing sector for the circular economy 

    Gaberščik, Carla; Mitchell, Sinéad; Fayne, Audrey (Springer, 2020-09-11)
    Healthcare manufacturing is one of the leading creators of single-use products in Ireland and accounts for 11% of waste generated. Industry and businesses can play a significant role in tackling unsustainable production ...
  • Interactions in the deep sea 

    Allcock, A. Louise; Johnson, Mark P. (Cambridge University Press, 2019-08)
    The deep–ocean floor extends over two thirds of the world’s surface, and is thus the largest benthic habitat on the planet. The myth of depauperate deep–sea communities was debunked in the 1960s by the pioneering wor ...