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    • Arachne in Marlowe’s ‘Ad amicam corruptam’ (Amores 2.5) 

      Reid, Lindsay Ann (Oxford University Press, 2018-09-20)
      When, at the close of the sixteenth century, Christopher Marlowe’s rendition of Amores 2.5 posthumously appeared in All Ovids Elegies (the earliest vernacular translation of this work to have been published in Europe and ...
    • Oenone and Colin Clout 

      Reid, Lindsay Ann (Edinburgh University Press, 2016-11)
      Spenser's Shepheardes Calender was still a new work, not even yet publicly acknowledged by its author, when George Peele made the rather surprising decision to co-opt its central character and reanimate Colin Clout onstage ...
    • Ovidian retro-metamorphosis on the Elizabethan stage 

      Reid, Lindsay Ann (McMaster University Library Press and Becker Associates, 2018-11-02)
      Although Ovid dedicated his Metamorphoses to the subject of change, the vast majority of the corporeal alterations catalogued in this ancient Roman poem are singular, permanent transformations. In contrast, dramatists ...
    • Translating Ovid's Metamorphoses in Tudor balladry 

      Reid, Lindsay Ann (University of Chicago Press, 2019-06-05)
      This article provides the first sustained overview and analysis of the reception of Ovid s Metamorphoses in sixteenth-century English ballad culture. It highlights a significant tradition of translating materials from this ...
    • Why read the classics? 

      Barry, Kevin (The Irish Times, 1999-07-17)