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    • Anticipating a postnationalist Ireland: representing Gaelic Games in Rocky Road to Dublin (1968) and Clash of the Ash (1987) 

      Crosson, Seán (Peter Lang, 2010)
      This article charts the movement towards what might be called, following from Richard Kearney’s 1995 book, a post-nationalist approach to representing gaelic games in film, particularly since the late 1960s through an ...
    • From Babe Ruth to Michael Jordan: Affirming the American Dream via the Sports/Film Star 

      Crosson, Seán (University of Waterloo, Department of Fine Arts (Film Studies), 2014)
      In the United States, sport stars have provided crucial affirmation of the American Dream ideology despite the considerable evidence that questions the validity and appropriateness of this belief for understandings of ...
    • Gaelic Games and 'the Movies' 

      Crosson, Seán (Irish Academic Press, 2009)
      From the earliest days of the cinema, sport was one of the most popular subjects of representation. Unsurprisingly, when film arrived in Ireland, Irish sport, including gaelic games, would soon feature. Gaelic games were ...
    • Sport and Christianity in American cinema ‘The beloved grew fat and kicked’ (Deuteronomy 32:15) 

      Crosson, Seán (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2017-10-21)
      Christianity has been an enduring feature of films featuring sports or sporting figures since the early twentieth century, such that religious icons, references and rituals have now become naturalised as familiar and ...
    • Sport and the 1916 Rising 

      Crosson, Seán (Teagasc, 2016)
      This chapter considers the role of sport in the lives of participants in the 1916 Easter Rising.
    • Sport and the media in Ireland: an introduction 

      Crosson, Seán; Dine, Philip (Taylor and Francis, 2011)
      [Introduction to Media History Special Issue on Sport and the Media in Ireland]. The symbiotic relationship that has existed since the mid-nineteenth century between sport and the media - from the popular press, through ...
    • Sport, representation, and the commemoration of the 1916 Rising: a new Ireland rises? 

      Crosson, Seán (European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS), the Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies (RIISS) in Aberdeen, and the University of Leuven, 2018-10-24)
      Commemoration is part of what defines nations and their configurations; the considerable investment of the Irish state (and various sporting organisations) during 2016 in 1916 commemorations speaks to the importance of ...