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dc.contributor.authorLam, Max
dc.contributor.authorTrampush, Joey W.
dc.contributor.authorYu, Jin
dc.contributor.authorKnowles, Emma
dc.contributor.authorDavies, Gail
dc.contributor.authorLiewald, David C.
dc.contributor.authorStarr, John M.
dc.contributor.authorDjurovic, Srdjan
dc.contributor.authorMelle, Ingrid
dc.contributor.authorSundet, Kjetil
dc.contributor.authorChristoforou, Andrea
dc.contributor.authorReinvang, Ivar
dc.contributor.authorDeRosse, Pamela
dc.contributor.authorLundervold, Astri J.
dc.contributor.authorSteen, Vidar M.
dc.contributor.authorEspeseth, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorRäikkönen, Katri
dc.contributor.authorWiden, Elisabeth
dc.contributor.authorPalotie, Aarno
dc.contributor.authorEriksson, Johan G.
dc.contributor.authorGiegling, Ina
dc.contributor.authorKonte, Bettina
dc.contributor.authorRoussos, Panos
dc.contributor.authorGiakoumaki, Stella
dc.contributor.authorBurdick, Katherine E.
dc.contributor.authorPayton, Antony
dc.contributor.authorOllier, William
dc.contributor.authorChiba-Falek, Ornit
dc.contributor.authorAttix, Deborah K.
dc.contributor.authorNeed, Anna C.
dc.contributor.authorCirulli, Elizabeth T.
dc.contributor.authorVoineskos, Aristotle N.
dc.contributor.authorStefanis, Nikos C.
dc.contributor.authorAvramopoulos, Dimitrios
dc.contributor.authorHatzimanolis, Alex
dc.contributor.authorArking, Dan E.
dc.contributor.authorSmyrnis, Nikolaos
dc.contributor.authorBilder, Robert M.
dc.contributor.authorFreimer, Nelson A.
dc.contributor.authorCannon, Tyrone D.
dc.contributor.authorLondon, Edythe
dc.contributor.authorPoldrack, Russell A.
dc.contributor.authorSabb, Fred W.
dc.contributor.authorCongdon, Eliza
dc.contributor.authorConley, Emily Drabant
dc.contributor.authorScult, Matthew A.
dc.contributor.authorDickinson, Dwight
dc.contributor.authorStraub, Richard E.
dc.contributor.authorDonohoe, Gary
dc.contributor.authorMorris, Derek
dc.contributor.authorCorvin, Aiden
dc.contributor.authorGill, Michael
dc.contributor.authorHariri, Ahmad R.
dc.contributor.authorWeinberger, Daniel R.
dc.contributor.authorPendleton, Neil
dc.contributor.authorBitsios, Panos
dc.contributor.authorRujescu, Dan
dc.contributor.authorLahti, Jari
dc.contributor.authorLe Hellard, Stephanie
dc.contributor.authorKeller, Matthew C.
dc.contributor.authorAndreassen, Ole A.
dc.contributor.authorDeary, Ian J.
dc.contributor.authorGlahn, David C.
dc.contributor.authorMalhotra, Anil K.
dc.contributor.authorLencz, Todd
dc.identifier.citationLam, Max; Trampush, Joey W. Yu, Jin; Knowles, Emma; Davies, Gail; Liewald, David C.; Starr, John M.; Djurovic, Srdjan; Melle, Ingrid; Sundet, Kjetil; Christoforou, Andrea; Reinvang, Ivar; DeRosse, Pamela; Lundervold, Astri J.; Steen, Vidar M.; Espeseth, Thomas; Räikkönen, Katri; Widen, Elisabeth; Palotie, Aarno; Eriksson, Johan G.; Giegling, Ina; Konte, Bettina; Roussos, Panos; Giakoumaki, Stella; Burdick, Katherine E.; Payton, Antony; Ollier, William; Chiba-Falek, Ornit; Attix, Deborah K.; Need, Anna C.; Cirulli, Elizabeth T.; Voineskos, Aristotle N.; Stefanis, Nikos C.; Avramopoulos, Dimitrios; Hatzimanolis, Alex; Arking, Dan E.; Smyrnis, Nikolaos; Bilder, Robert M.; Freimer, Nelson A.; Cannon, Tyrone D.; London, Edythe; Poldrack, Russell A.; Sabb, Fred W.; Congdon, Eliza; Conley, Emily Drabant; Scult, Matthew A.; Dickinson, Dwight; Straub, Richard E.; Donohoe, Gary; Morris, Derek; Corvin, Aiden; Gill, Michael; Hariri, Ahmad R.; Weinberger, Daniel R.; Pendleton, Neil; Bitsios, Panos; Rujescu, Dan; Lahti, Jari; Le Hellard, Stephanie; Keller, Matthew C.; Andreassen, Ole A.; Deary, Ian J.; Glahn, David C.; Malhotra, Anil K.; Lencz, Todd (2017). Large-scale cognitive gwas meta-analysis reveals tissue-specific neural expression and potential nootropic drug targets. Cell Reports 21 (9), 2597-2613
dc.description.abstractHere, we present a large (n = 107,207) genome-wide association study (GWAS) of general cognitive ability ("g''), further enhanced by combining results with a large-scale GWAS of educational attainment. We identified 70 independent genomic loci associated with general cognitive ability. Results showed significant enrichment for genes causing Mendelian disorders with an intellectual disability phenotype. Competitive pathway analysis implicated the biological processes of neurogenesis and synaptic regulation, as well as the gene targets of two pharmacologic agents: cinnarizine, a T-type calcium channel blocker, and LY97241, a potassium channel inhibitor. Transcriptome-wide and epigenome-wide analysis revealed that the implicated loci were enriched for genes expressed across all brain regions (most strongly in the cerebellum). Enrichment was exclusive to genes expressed in neurons but not oligodendrocytes or astrocytes. Finally, we report genetic correlations between cognitive ability and disparate phenotypes including psychiatric disorders, several autoimmune disorders, longevity, and maternal age at first birth.
dc.publisherElsevier BV
dc.relation.ispartofCell Reports
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Ireland
dc.subjectgenome-wide association
dc.subjectsingle-nucleotide polymorphisms
dc.subjectld score regression
dc.subjectuk biobank n=112151
dc.subjectadult human height
dc.subjecthuman intelligence
dc.titleLarge-scale cognitive gwas meta-analysis reveals tissue-specific neural expression and potential nootropic drug targets

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Ireland
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