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    • Detecting freezing of gait with a tri-axial accelerometer in parkinson’s disease patients 

      Ahlrichs, Claas; Samà, Albert; Lawo, Michael; Cabestany, Joan; Rodríguez-Martín, Daniel; Pérez-López, Carlos; Sweeney, Dean; Quinlan, Leo R.; Laighin, Gearòid Ò; Counihan, Timothy; Browne, Patrick; Hadas, Lewy; Vainstein, Gabriel; Costa, Alberto; Annicchiarico, Roberta; Alcaine, Sheila; Mestre, Berta; Quispe, Paola; Bayes, Àngels; Rodríguez-Molinero, Alejandro (Springer Nature, 2015-10-01)
      Freezing of gait (FOG) is a common motor symptom of Parkinson's disease (PD), which presents itself as an inability to initiate or continue gait. This paper presents a method to monitor FOG episodes based only on acceleration ...
    • Diagnosing breast cancer with microwave technology: remaining challenges and potential solutions with machine learning 

      Oliveira, Bárbara; Godinho, Daniela; O’Halloran, Martin; Glavin, Martin; Jones, Edward; Conceição, Raquel (MDPI AG, 2018-05-19)
      Currently, breast cancer often requires invasive biopsies for diagnosis, motivating researchers to design and develop non-invasive and automated diagnosis systems. Recent microwave breast imaging studies have shown how ...
    • Seq-ing improved gene expression estimates from microarrays using machine learning 

      Korir, Paul K.; Geeleher, Paul; Seoighe, Cathal (Springer Nature, 2015-09-04)
      Background: Quantifying gene expression by RNA-Seq has several advantages over microarrays, including greater dynamic range and gene expression estimates on an absolute, rather than a relative scale. Nevertheless, microarrays ...