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    • Phylotastic! making tree-of-life knowledge accessible, reusable and convenient 

      Stoltzfus, Arlin; Lapp, Hilmar; Matasci, Naim; Deus, Helena; Sidlauskas, Brian; Zmasek, Christian M; Vaidya, Gaurav; Pontelli, Enrico; Cranston, Karen; Vos, Rutger; Webb, Campbell O; Harmon, Luke J; Pirrung, Megan; O'Meara, Brian; Pennell, Matthew W; Mirarab, Siavash; Rosenberg, Michael S; Balhoff, James P; Bik, Holly M; Heath, Tracy A; Midford, Peter E; Brown, Joseph W; McTavish, Emily Jane; Sukumaran, Jeet; Westneat, Mark; Alfaro, Michael E; Steele, Aaron; Jordan, Greg (Springer Nature, 2013-01-01)
      Background: Scientists rarely reuse expert knowledge of phylogeny, in spite of years of effort to assemble a great "Tree of Life" (ToL). A notable exception involves the use of Phylomatic, which provides ...