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    • A chemical kinetic interpretation of the octane appetite of modern gasoline engines 

      Somers, Kieran P.; Cracknell, Roger F.; Curran, Henry J. (Elsevier, 2018-06-29)
      Fuel anti-knock quality is a critical property with respect to the effective design of next-generation spark-ignition engines which aim to have increased efficiency, and lower emissions. Increasing evidence in the literature ...
    • Ignition studies of n-heptane/iso-octane/toluene blends 

      Javed, Tamour; Lee, Changyoul; AlAbbad, Mohammed; Djebbi, Khalil; Beshir, Mohamed; Badra, Jihad; Curran, Henry J.; Farooq, Aamir (Elsevier ScienceDirect, 2016-07-09)
      Ignition delay times of four ternary blends of n-heptane/iso-octane/toluene, referred to as Toluene Primary Reference Fuels (TPRFs), have been measured in a high-pressure shock tube and in a rapid compression machine. The ...