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    • Distinctive activities of dna polymerases during human dna replication 

      Rytkonen, Anna K.; Vaara, Markku; Nethanel, Tamar; Kaufmann, Gabriel; Sormunen, Raija; Laara, Esa; Nasheuer, Heinz-Peter; Rahmeh, Amal; Lee, Marietta Y. W. T.; Syvaoja, Juhani E.; Pospiech, Helmut (Wiley-Blackwell, 2006-07-01)
      The contributions of human DNA polymerases (pols) alpha, delta and epsilon during S-phase progression were studied in order to elaborate how these enzymes co-ordinate their functions during nuclear DNA replication. Pol ...
    • Dna polymerase ε associates with the elongating form of rna polymerase ii and nascent transcripts 

      Rytkönen, Anna K.; Hillukkala, Tomi; Vaara, Markku; Sokka, Miiko; Jokela, Maarit; Sormunen, Raija; Nasheuer, Heinz-Peter; Nethanel, Tamar; Kaufmann, Gabriel; Pospiech, Helmut; Syväoja, Juhani E. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2006-11-15)
      DNA polymerase epsilon co-operates with polymerases alpha and delta in the replicative DNA synthesis of eukaryotic cells. We describe here a specific physical interaction between DNA polymerase epsilon and RNA polymerase ...
    • Segregation of replicative dna polymerases during s phase 

      Vaara, Markku; Itkonen, Harri; Hillukkala, Tomi; Liu, Zhe; Nasheuer, Heinz-Peter; Schaarschmidt, Daniel; Pospiech, Helmut; Syväoja, Juhani E. (American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (ASBMB), 2012-08-10)
      DNA polymerases (Pol) alpha, delta, and is an element of replicate the bulk of chromosomal DNA in eukaryotic cells, Pol is an element of being the main leading strand and Pol delta the lagging strand DNA polymerase. By ...