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    • Modelling shear-induced platelet aggregation in general flow 

      de Almeida Prado Hellmuth, Rudolf (2016-11-07)
      Blood-contacting biomedical devices are ubiquitous in current medical practice. Blood is very sensitive to non-physiological conditions, and it can be harmed by the biomedical device in a number of different ways. A very ...
    • Next-generation multi-mechanics simulation engine in a highly interactive environment 

      Le Touzé, David; Biddiscombe, John; Colagrossi, Andrea; Jacquin, Erwan; Leboeuf, Francis; Marongiu, Jean-Christophe; Quinlan, Nathan; Amicarelli, Andrea; Antuono, Matteo; Barcarolo, Daniel; Basa, Mihai; Caro, Joelle; De Leffe, Matthieu; Grenier, Nicolas; Guilcher, Pierre-Michel; Kerhuel, Matthieu; Le, Fang; Lobovský, Libor; Marrone, Salvatore; Marsh, Adam; Oger, Guillaume; Parkinson, Etienne; Soumagne, Jérôme (Elsevier BV, 2011-01-01)
      We describe the development of a highly interactive approach to simulation of engineering multi-mechanics problems, using the smoothed particle hydrodynamics mesh-free method as the computational engine, for applications ...