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    • A combined organic-inorganic sea-spray source function 

      O'Dowd, Colin D.; Langmann, Baerbel; Varghese, Saji; Scannell, Claire; Ceburnis, Darius; Facchini, Maria Cristina (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008-01-01)
      This study presents a novel approach to develop a combined organic-inorganic sub-micron sea-spray source function for inclusion in large-scale models. It requires wind speed and surface ocean chlorophyll-a concentration ...
    • Evidence of a natural marine source of oxalic acid and a possible link to glyoxal 

      Rinaldi, Matteo; Decesari, Stefano; Carbone, Claudio; Finessi, Emanuela; Fuzzi, Sandro; Ceburnis, Darius; O'Dowd, Colin D.; Sciare, Jean; Burrows, John P.; Vrekoussis, Mihalis; Ervens, Barbara; Tsigaridis, Kostas; Facchini, Maria Cristina (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011-08-26)
      This paper presents results supporting the existence of a natural source of oxalic acid over the oceans. Oxalate was detected in "clean-sector" marine aerosol samples at Mace Head (Ireland) (53 degrees ...
    • Global modeling of the oceanic source of organic aerosols 

      Myriokefalitakis, Stelios; Vignati, Elisabetta; Tsigaridis, Kostas; Papadimas, Christos; Sciare, Jean; Mihalopoulos, Nikolaos; Facchini, Maria Cristina; Rinaldi, Matteo; Dentener, Frank J.; Ceburnis, Darius; Hatzianastasiou, Nikos; O'Dowd, Colin D.; van Weele, Michiel; Kanakidou, Maria (Hindawi Limited, 2010-01-01)
      The global marine organic aerosol budget is investigated by a 3-dimensional chemistry-transport model considering recently proposed parameterisations of the primary marine organic aerosol (POA) and secondary organic aerosol ...
    • Is chlorophyll-athe best surrogate for organic matter enrichment in submicron primary marine aerosol? 

      Rinaldi, Matteo; Fuzzi, Sandro; Decesari, Stefano; Marullo, Salvatore; Santoleri, Rosalia; Provenzale, Antonello; von Hardenberg, Jost; Ceburnis, Darius; Vaishya, Aditya; O'Dowd, Colin D.; Facchini, Maria Cristina (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013-05-27)
      Initial efforts toward developing a combined organic-inorganic sea spray source function parameterization for large-scale models made use of chlorophyll-a (Chl-a) and wind speed as input parameters to combine oceanic biology ...
    • Marine aerosol chemistry gradients: elucidating primary and secondary processes and fluxes 

      Ceburnis, Darius; O'Dowd, Colin D.; Jennings, Gerard S.; Facchini, Maria Cristina; Emblico, Lorenza; Decesari, Stefano; Fuzzi, Sandro; Sakalys, Jonas (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008-04-01)
      Production mechanisms of aerosol chemical species, in terms of primary and secondary processes, were studied using vertical concentration gradient measurements at the coastal research station in Mace Head, Ireland. Total ...
    • Primary marine organic aerosol: a dichotomy of low hygroscopicity and high ccn activity 

      Ovadnevaite, Jurgita; Ceburnis, Darius; Martucci, Giovanni; Bialek, Jakub; Monahan, Ciaran; Rinaldi, Matteo; Facchini, Maria Cristina; Berresheim, Harald; Worsnop, Douglas R.; O'Dowd, Colin (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011-11-01)
      High-time resolution measurements of primary marine organic sea-spray physico-chemical properties reveal an apparent dichotomous behavior in terms of water uptake: specifically sea-spray aerosol enriched in organic matter ...
    • Primary submicron marine aerosol dominated by insoluble organic colloids and aggregates 

      Facchini, Maria Cristina; Rinaldi, Matteo; Decesari, Stefano; Carbone, Claudio; Finessi, Emanuela; Mircea, Mihaela; Fuzzi, Sandro; Ceburnis, Darius; Flanagan, Robert; Nilsson, E. Douglas; de Leeuw, Gerrit; Martino, Manuela; Woeltjen, Janina; O'Dowd, Colin D. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008-09-12)
      The chemical properties of sea-spray aerosol particles produced by artificially generated bubbles using oceanic waters were investigated during a phytoplankton bloom in the North Atlantic. Spray particles exhibited a ...
    • Production mechanisms, number concentration, size distribution, chemical composition, and optical properties of sea spray aerosols 

      Meskhidze, Nicholas; Petters, Markus D.; Tsigaridis, Kostas; Bates, Tim; O'Dowd, Colin; Reid, Jeff; Lewis, Ernie R.; Gantt, Brett; Anguelova, Magdalena D.; Bhave, Prakash V.; Bird, James; Callaghan, Adrian H.; Ceburnis, Darius; Chang, Rachel; Clarke, Antony; de Leeuw, Gerrit; Deane, Grant; DeMott, Paul J.; Elliot, Scott; Facchini, Maria Cristina; Fairall, Chris W.; Hawkins, Lelia; Hu, Yongxiang; Hudson, James G.; Johnson, Matthew S.; Kaku, Kathleen C.; Keene, William C.; Kieber, David J.; Long, Michael S.; Mårtensson, Monica; Modini, Rob L.; Osburn, Chris L.; Prather, Kimberly A.; Pszenny, Alex; Rinaldi, Matteo; Russell, Lynn M.; Salter, Matthew; Sayer, Andrew M.; Smirnov, Alexander; Suda, Sarah R.; Toth, Travis D.; Worsnop, Douglas R.; Wozniak, Andrew; Zorn, Sören R. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013-06-21)
    • Surface tension prevails over solute effect in organic-influenced cloud droplet activation 

      Ovadnevaite, Jurgita; Zuend, Andreas; Laaksonen, Ari; Sanchez, Kevin J.; Roberts, Greg; Ceburnis, Darius; Decesari, Stefano; Rinaldi, Matteo; Hodas, Natasha; Facchini, Maria Cristina; Seinfeld, John H.; O’ Dowd, Colin (Springer Nature, 2017-06-21)
      The spontaneous growth of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) into cloud droplets under supersaturated water vapour conditions is described by classic Kohler theory(1,2). This spontaneous activation of CCN depends on the ...