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    • Curriculum development for sustainable civic engagement 

      Boland, Josephine (Educational Developers of Ireland Network, 2013)
      Capacity building both for students and for community partners is an explicit goal for one particular teaching and learning innovation in Irish higher education. In addition to offering the opportunity to apply ...
    • A customer centric process innovation toolkit for SMEs 

      Cormican, Kathryn; Mulligan, David (2006)
      The business environment is changing at an accelerated pace. Consequently, continuous systemic changes within companies are imperative. In light of this, we are witnessing a shift in the way organizations are designed, ...
    • Cutoff in the t[clc]e[/clc]v energy spectrum of markarian 421 during strong flares in 2001 

      Krennrich, F.; Badran, H. M.; Bond, I. H.; Bradbury, S. M.; Buckley, J. H.; Carter-Lewis, D. A.; Catanese, M.; Cui, W.; Dunlea, S.; Das, D.; de la Calle Perez, I.; Fegan, D. J.; Fegan, S. J.; Finley, J. P.; Gaidos, J. A.; Gibbs, K.; Gillanders, G. H.; Hall, T. A.; Hillas, A. M.; Holder, J.; Horan, D.; Jordan, M.; Kertzman, M.; Kieda, D.; Kildea, J.; Knapp, J.; Kosack, K.; Lang, M. J.; LeBohec, S.; McKernan, B.; Moriarty, P.; Müller, D.; Ong, R.; Pallassini, R.; Petry, D.; Quinn, J.; Reay, N. W.; Reynolds, P. T.; Rose, H. J.; Sembroski, G. H.; Sidwell, R.; Stanton, N.; Swordy, S. P.; Vassiliev, V. V.; Wakely, S. P.; Weekes, T. C. (IOP Publishing, 2001-10-10)
      Exceptionally strong and long- lasting flaring activity of the blazar Mrk 421 occurred between 2001 January and March. Based on the excellent signal- to- noise ratio of the data, we derive the energy spectrum between 260 ...
    • Cutoff in the TeV Energy Spectrum of Markarian 421 During Strong Flares in 2001 

      Lang, Mark; Gillanders, Gary (2001)
      Exceptionally strong and long lasting flaring activity of the blazar Markarian 421 (Mrk 421) occurred between January and March 2001. Based on the excellent signal-to-noise ratio of the data we derive the energy spectrum ...
    • Cutting edge: il-7 regulates the peripheral pool of adult ror + lymphoid tissue inducer cells 

      Schmutz, S.; Bosco, N.; Chappaz, S.; Boyman, O.; Acha-Orbea, H.; Ceredig, R.; Rolink, A. G.; Finke, D. (The American Association of Immunologists, 2009-07-27)
      During fetal life, CD4(+)CD3(-) lymphoid tissue inducer (LTi) cells are required for lymph node and Peyer's patch development in mice. In adult animals, CD4(+) CD3(-) cells are found in low numbers in lymphoid organs. ...
    • Cúán ua Lothcháin and the transmission of the Dindsenchas 

      Downey, Clodagh (Uppsala Universitet, 2013)
      [No abstract available]
    • Cyclic brightening in the short-period wz sge-type cataclysmic variable sdss j080434.20+510349.2 

      Zharikov, S. V.; Tovmassian, G. H.; Neustroev, V. V.; Michel, R.; Zurita, C.; Echevarría, J.; Bikmaev, I. F.; Pavlenko, E. P.; Jeon, Y.-B.; Valyavin, G. G.; Aviles, A. (EDP Sciences, 2008-05-22)
      Aims. We observed a new cataclysmic variable (CV) SDSS J080434.20+510349.2 to study the origin of long-term variability found in its light curve. Methods. Multi-longitude, time-resolved, photometric observations were ...
    • Cyclic dominance in the spatial coevolutionary optional prisoner's dilemma game 

      Cardinot, Marcos; O'Riordan, Colm; Griffith, Josephine (, 2016-09-20)
      This paper studies scenarios of cyclic dominance in a coevolutionary spatial model in which game strategies and links between agents adaptively evolve over time. The Optional Prisoner’s Dilemma (OPD) game is employed. ...
    • Cyclic loading tests on sandstone and limestone shale aggregates used in unbound forest roads 

      Rodgers, Michael; Hayes, G; Healy, Mark G. (Elsevier, 2009)
      This study examined the performance of two aggregates subjected to cyclic loading in a large-scale test rig. The two aggregates examined were: (i) a sandstone from Co. Cork, Ireland and (ii) a limestone shale from Co. ...
    • Cyclic loading tests on sandstone and limestone shale aggregates used in unbound forest roads. 

      Rodgers, Michael; Hayes, Gregory; Healy, Mark G. (Construction and Building Materials, 2009-06-01)
      This study examined the performance of two aggregates subjected to cyclic loading in a large-scale test rig. The two aggregates examined were: (i) a sandstone from Co. Cork, Ireland and (ii) a limestone shale from Co. ...
    • Cyclic nucleotide and protein levels in preimplantation bovine embryos 

      GREALY, MAURA; SREENAN, JOSEPH M. (Portland Press Ltd., 1995-02-01)
    • Cyclic performance of steel and composite bracing members 

      Broderick, Brian Michael; Goggins, Jamie (2005)
      This paper describes an experimental study on the response of hollow and filled steel members to monotonic and cyclic axial loading. Monotonic tests were first performed on short specimens to establish their compressive ...
    • Cyclic thermo-mechanical material modelling and testing of 316 stainless steel 

      Leen, Sean B. (Elsevier ScienceDirect, 2010-04-20)
      A programme of cyclic mechanical testing of a 316 stainless steel, at temperatures of up to 600 C under isothermal conditions, for the identification of material constitutive constants, has been carried out using a ...
    • Cyclic thermo-mechanical material modelling and testing of 316 stainless steel 

      Hyde, C.J.; Sun, W.; Leen, S.B. (Elsevier BV, 2010-06-01)
    • Cyclic viscoplasticity testing and modelling of a service-aged P91 steel 

      Farragher, Tadhg P.; Leen, Sean B. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2014-04-16)
      A service-aged P91 steel was used to perform an experimental program of cyclic mechanical testing in the temperature range of 400 °C–600 °C, under isothermal conditions, using both saw-tooth and dwell (inclusion of a ...
    • Cycling and transport of phosphorus and nitrogen from harvested peatland forests and possible mitigation and methods 

      Asam, Zaki-Ul-Zaman (2012-11-16)
      Drainage of peatlands has been part of forestry practice since the early 20th century. In Ireland and the UK, approximately 800,000 ha of peat catchments were drained and afforested between the 1950s and 1990s. A large ...
    • Cycloaddition reactions of imidazolium and phthalazinium dicyanomethanide 1,3-dipoles: synthesis, mechanism and the effect of water 

      Moloney, Eamon (2017-09-28)
      The cycloaddition reactions of imidazolium-3-dicyanomethanide 1,3-dipoles with electron poor alkene and alkyne dipolarophiles were explored. The reactions of these azolium 1,3-dipoles with alkyne dipolarophiles generated ...
    • Cyclonic circulation in the western Irish Sea in future climate 

      Olbert, Agnieszka Indiana; Hartnett, Michael; Dabrowski, Tomasz (International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research, 2011-07-01)
      The Irish Sea (IS) is a semi-enclosed body of water on the European Continental Shelf and the Western Irish Sea Gyre (WISG) is a characteristic phenomenon of the Sea. The gyre due to its significant effects on the circulation, ...
    • Cyclopentane combustion. Part II. Ignition delay measurements and mechanism validation 

      Al Rashidi, Mariam J.; Mármol, Juan C.; Banyon, Colin; Sajid, Muhammad B.; Mehl, Marco; Pitz, William J.; Mohamed, Samah; Alfazazi, Adamu; Lu, Tianfeng; Curran, Henry J.; Farooq, Aamir; Sarathy, S. Mani (Elsevier, 2017-06-12)
      This study reports cyclopentane ignition delay measurements over a wide range of conditions. The measurements were obtained using two shock tubes and a rapid compression machine, and were used to test a detailed low- and ...
    • Cyp3a variation, premenopausal estrone levels, and breast cancer risk 

      Johnson, Nichola; Walker, Kate; Gibson, Lorna J.; Orr, Nick; Folkerd, Elizabeth; Haynes, Ben; Palles, Claire; Coupland, Ben; Schoemaker, Minouk; Jones, Michael; Broderick, Peter; Sawyer, Elinor; Kerin, Michael; Tomlinson, Ian P.; Zvelebil, Marketa; Chilcott-Burns, Sarah; Tomczyk, Katarzyna; Simpson, Gemma; Williamson, Jill; Hillier, Stephen G.; Ross, Gillian; Houlston, Richard S.; Swerdlow, Anthony; Ashworth, Alan; Dowsett, Mitch; Peto, Julian; dos Santos Silva, Isabel; Fletcher, Olivia (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2012-04-03)
      Background Epidemiological studies have provided strong evidence for a role of endogenous sex steroids in the etiology of breast cancer. Our aim was to identify common variants in genes involved in sex steroid synthesis ...