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A quiver presentation for Solomon's descent algebra

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Show simple item record Pfeiffer, Götz en 2010-01-18T19:42:47Z en 2010-01-18T19:42:47Z en 2009 en
dc.identifier.citation Pfeiffer G. (2009),A quiver presentation for Solomon's descent algebra. "Advances in Mathematics", 220 (5)1428-1465 en
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dc.description.abstract The descent algebra S(W) is a subalgebra of the group algebra of a finite Coxeter group W, which supports a homomorphism with nilpotent kernel and commutative image in the character ring of W. Thus S(W) is a basic algebra, and as such it has a presentation as a quiver with relations. Here we construct S(W) as a quotient of a subalgebra of the path algebra of the Hasse diagram of the Boolean lattice of all subsets of S, the set of simple reflections in W. From this construction we obtain some general information about the quiver of S(W) and an algorithm for the construction of a quiver presentation for the descent algebra S(W) of any given finite Coxeter group W. en
dc.format application/pdf en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Elsvier en
dc.subject Finite Coxeter group en
dc.subject Descent algebra en
dc.subject Quiver presentation en
dc.title A quiver presentation for Solomon's descent algebra en
dc.type Article en
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dc.description.peer-reviewed peer-reviewed en

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