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Economic Impact Assessment: The Creative Sector in the Western Region

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Show simple item record Collins, Patrick Considine, Aoife O'Neill, Stephen Loughery, Jason Van Egeratt, Chris Granger, Rachel Leyden, Kevin Cunningham, James 2012-01-09T16:30:38Z 2012-01-09T16:30:38Z 2011-06
dc.identifier.citation Considine, A.; O'Neill, S.; Loughery, J.; Van Egeratt, C.; Granger, R.; Leyden, K.; Cunningham, J. (2011), "Economic Impact Assessment: The Creative Sector in the Western Region", Western Development Commission. en_US
dc.description.abstract The 'Creative West' report by the Western Development Commission in 2009 was the first attempt to map out the Creative Sector in an Irish context. This economic impact assessment follows on from that report by assessing the growth potential for the Creative Sector in the Ireland's Western Region resulting from recommendations made by Creative West and has attempted to measure the outcome of these actions through consultation with the sector. This economic impact assessment demonstrates the potential impact of the growth of the sector alone. It also attempts to gauge the spillover impacts of the sector in the region and beyond. Ultimately, this is an extremely difficult exercise such is the far reaching and deeply ingrained nature of creativity in social, economic and cultural senses. In line with the Creative West report, we recognize that the creative sector stimulates innovation in other sectors, plays a key social role and can stimulate both rural and regional development. With this in mind, the region should turn its attention to estimating the costs of not investing in its creative sector. What are the quality of life implications of a place that neglects its creativity? How will it look to outsiders (tourists and business investors) if it fails to combine natural talent with a growing economic sector? What of its lived environment? Without a vibrant local industry, one as forward looking (in terms of conservation and innovation) what will appeal to the youth to stay in the region and help build its economy, society and community. en_US
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dc.publisher Centre for Innovation and Structural Change on behalf of the Western Development Commission en_US
dc.subject West of Ireland en_US
dc.subject Growth programmes en_US
dc.subject Global markets en_US
dc.subject Creative industries en_US
dc.subject Centre for Innovation & Structural Change (CISC) en_US
dc.title Economic Impact Assessment: The Creative Sector in the Western Region en_US
dc.type Report en_US
dc.description.peer-reviewed peer-reviewed en_US

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