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Bitten by the Celtic Tiger: Immigrant Workers and Industrial Relations in the New 'Glocalized' Ireland

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Show simple item record Dundon, Tony en Gonzalez-Perez, Maria en McDonough, Terrence en 2011-07-27T08:57:38Z en 2011-07-27T08:57:38Z en 2007 en
dc.identifier.citation T. Dundon, M. Gonzalez-Perez and T. Mc Donough, 2007, Bitten by the celtic tiger: immigrant workers and industrial relations in the new Glocalised Ireland, Economic and Industrial Democracy, 28(4): 501-522 en
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dc.description.abstract The growth of global economic activity has resulted in a worldwide increase in migration. Despite the growing interest in migratory labour flows, there remains little detailed empirical research about the labour relations practices experienced by immigrant workers. In this article, three general areas are examined from data collected in the Republic of Ireland: (1) what are the experiences of non-Irish national workers employed in different sectors of the economy; (2) do trade unions facilitate the integration of migrant workers in the Irish labour market; and (3) what are the strategies undertaken by trade unions in response to the challenges of immigration? Ethnographic and qualitative research methods were employed to address these broad research objectives. The evidence shows that many immigrant workers have experienced a system of near-serfdom that perpetuates social, economic and cultural exclusion on a large scale. The conclusion argues that an emerging 'glocalization' of the world economy creates a labour market dynamic underpinned by neoliberal policies of the nation-state. The evidence suggests that traditional views of migration and industrial relations theory are found wanting when seeking to explain the concerns of migrant workers. A number of implications arising from this are then discussed. en
dc.format doi: 10.1177/0143831X07082122 en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Economic and Industrial Democracy en
dc.subject Immigrant workers, en
dc.subject Migrant labour en
dc.subject Industrial relations en
dc.subject Trade unions en
dc.subject Republic of Ireland en
dc.subject Management en
dc.title Bitten by the Celtic Tiger: Immigrant Workers and Industrial Relations in the New 'Glocalized' Ireland en
dc.type Article en
dc.description.peer-reviewed peer-reviewed en

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