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Fechner's colors are induced by flickering monochromatic light

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Show simple item record Elliott, Mark en 2011-02-18T10:38:02Z en 2011-02-18T10:38:02Z en 2001 en
dc.identifier.citation Herrmann, C. S., & Elliott, M. A., (2001). Fechner's colors are induced by flickering monochromatic light. In E. Sommerfeld, R. Kompass, & T. Lachmann (Eds.). Fechner Day 2001. Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the International Society of Psychophysics, Lengerich; Berlin; Riga; Rome; Viernheim; Vienna; Zagreb: Pabst Science Publishers (pp. 427-431). en
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dc.description.abstract Fechner described the phenomenon of inducing illusory colors by means of rotating blackand- white disks. The induced spectral illusions were later termed "Fechner's colors". Similar color perceptions can be induced by non-rotating stimuli even on computer screens. We performed an experiment to investigate whether a uniform "Ganzfeld" formed by means of rhythmically generated, unstructured, monochromatic light (i.e. flicker) is sufficient to induce perceptual phenonemoa analogous with Fechner's colors. Ten human observers participated in the experiment, reporting both color and form illusions despite the absence of particular spectral and spatial variations in the "Ganzfeld". Moreover, particular illusions were induced reliably at particular frequencies, which may be taken to indicate that visual experience of different qualities may be subserved by mechanisms with different temporal sensitivities. In conclusion, rhythmic visual stimulation is sufficient to induce form-based illusions and illusions analogous with Fechner's colors, while the qualitative nature of those illusions may necessarily depend upon the frequency of stimulation. en
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dc.title Fechner's colors are induced by flickering monochromatic light en
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