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Trigger Factor from the Psychrophilic Bacterium Psychrobacter frigidicola Is a Monomeric Chaperone

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Show simple item record Robin, Sylvain en Togashi, Denisio M. en Ryder, Alan G. en Wall, J. Gerard en 2010-09-30T09:17:34Z en 2010-09-30T09:17:34Z en 2009 en
dc.identifier.citation Robin, S., Togashi, D., Ryder, A., & Wall, J. (2009). Trigger factor from the psychrophilic bacterium Psychrobacter frigidicola is a monomeric chaperone. J Bacteriol, 191(4), 1162 - 1168. en
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dc.description.abstract In eubacteria, trigger factor (TF) is the first chaperone to interact with newly synthesized polypeptides and assist their folding as they emerge from the ribosome. We report the first characterization of a TF from a psychrophilic organism. TF from Psychrobacter frigidicola (TFPf) was cloned, produced in Escherichia coli, and purified. Strikingly, cross-linking and fluorescence anisotropy analyses revealed it to exist in solution as a monomer, unlike the well-characterized, dimeric E. coli TF (TFEc). Moreover, TFPf did not exhibit the downturn in reactivation of unfolded GAPDH (glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase) that is observed with its E. coli counterpart, even at high TF/GAPDH molar ratios and revealed dramatically reduced retardation of membrane translocation by a model recombinant protein compared to the E. coli chaperone. TFPf was also significantly more effective than TFEc at increasing the yield of soluble and functional recombinant protein in a cell-free protein synthesis system, indicating that it is not dependent on downstream systems for its chaperoning activity. We propose that TFPf differs from TFEc in its quaternary structure and chaperone activity, and we discuss the potential significance of these differences in its native environment. en
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dc.title Trigger Factor from the Psychrophilic Bacterium Psychrobacter frigidicola Is a Monomeric Chaperone en
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